Tips For Getting Great Homeowners Insurance

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When you own a home, you should have homeowners insurance to protect you in the event of theft, damage, fire, and other issues that could otherwise be very costly to you. Getting the best home insurance goes way beyond just paying your policy every month. Learn how you can get great home insurance specified to your needs, so you can have coverage that fits your budget and the overall value of your home.

Know your home's replacement value

The value you need to know on your home is how much it would cost for you to replace your home, not the current value it would have should you choose to sell it. This is important information to know when you get home insurance, since in the event your entire home is destroyed, you want to make sure you have enough coverage to replace it entirely. Rather than allow your insurance company to give you a value on your home, have a contractor give you an estimate instead. Your insurance company will accept a quote for your home's replacement value if it comes from an expert source, and you can feel confident that you have all the coverage your home needs.

Make sure your insurance company knows all your risks

You may have to pay extra for them, but your insurance company needs to know if you live in a known flood area, have a wood burning stove (especially if it's downstairs), and if you have any other risk factors attached to your home. These risk factors carry a liability with them, and if your insurance isn't including them, you may be stuck paying out of pocket if your wood burning stove overheats and burns down your basement or your home gets flooded by that lake you live by.

Ask for any discounts that apply to you

There are many things that can get you a discount on your home insurance,  especially if you get your auto or life insurance through the same company as your home insurance. You can get a 5% discount or more just from combining your services. Other factors that may net you a discount include:

  • having home security cameras
  • installing a new furnace or water heater
  • having a history of on-time payments
  • raising your deductible

Make sure you go over your home insurance policy with your agent to make sure that you are getting all the discounts that are owed to you.

Getting great home insurance all starts with a little bit of research. Know what your home is worth, cover all your risk bases, and make sure you get all due discounts and you can feel confident about the insurance you have for your own home.


11 December 2014

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