3 Simple Safety Projects That Will Help Lower Your Homeowner's Insurance Premium

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If your homeowners premium is a little higher than you would like, one way to bring it down is by increasing the safety features in your home. All those questions your agent asked you about your home when you signed up for your premium has a purpose. They were trying to determine the value of your home and the likelihood that you would file a claim.

One factor your insurance company takes into consideration is how safe your house is. Here are a few steps you can take to increase the safety of your house and decrease your homeowners insurance premium.

Install Fire Alarms

Although most modern homes are built with fire alarms installed, many older homes do not have fire alarms. The National Fire Protection Association actually suggests that you install brand new fire alarms every ten years. This guideline is in place because, like all electronics, older fire alarms may short-out or not work as well. This ten year guideline is in place to keep you safe.

It is actually relatively easy to install a fire alarm. It does not require any electrical work. You can purchase a fire alarm from your local home improvement store. Then, you just need to find a good place in your house to install the alarm.

Most fire alarms are designed so that you screw in three or four nails to hold the base in place on your ceiling. The alarm itself can be twisted off the base so that you can change the batteries every year. Install a fire alarm near the kitchen as well as the bedrooms. If your house is more than one story, make sure you have at least one fire alarm per story installed. 

Install Carbon-Dioxide Alarms

If you use natural gas to heat your house with, or if you use natural gas to cook with, you need to install a carbon-dioxide alarm. That way, if gas ever leaks out, you'll be alerted before the gas reaches a toxic level. Carbon-dioxide alarms are installed in much the same way that fire alarms are. You screw the base into the wall or ceiling, and then attach the monitor. 

If you only use natural gas in your kitchen, install a carbon-dioxide in your kitchen and in the room next to your kitchen. That way, if the case spreads, you'll be alerted. If you use natural gas to heat your home, you'll want to install carbon-dioxide alarms throughout your home. 

Install Deadbolt Locks

It is much more difficult to break into door that are secured with a deadbolt. If you only have simple locks on your doors, it's time to upgrade. You can purchase deadbolts at your local home improvement store. You can even purchase deadbolts kits that allow you to create a unique key for the deadbolt all on your own. 

If your door already has two slots for a lock and handle, just change out of the slots with the new deadbolt that you purchased. If your door does not have a space for a deadbolt, you will have to create one yourself. If you are not that handy with tools, you can always hire a locksmith to install the new deadbolt locks for you. 

After you install fire alarms, carbon-dioxide alarms and deadbolts, let your insurance provider know about the upgrades. These upgrades could potentially reduce your insurance premium, and they will defiantly increase the security of your house. 


14 April 2015

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