How To Keep Insurance Rates Low On Your Next Home

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Are you shopping for a new home? If so, the cost of the home you are interested in isn't the only expense you need to include in your purchase making decision. You will also need to include the cost of your home's repair and remodeling expenses, as well. It goes without saying that you are going to need to buy a home insurance policy for your new home. However, if you buy a home that your insurance company isn't too comfortable with, then you could be paying much more for your home. So, when shopping for a home, make sure the cost of your home's insurance isn't going to skyrocket by selecting a home that:

Isn't Prone To Major Weather Damages:

Homes that are located in areas that have been hit with weather damages in the past can have a higher insurance premium rate. If you are looking for a home that is located in a part of town that has a history of weather disasters, such as major floods or fire break outs then you could definitely see a higher premium rate from your insurance company. Not only can an insurance company charge higher rates for homes that are located in a part of town that has a history of major weather damages, but they can also decline coverage, which can be very scary as a homeowner. 

Is Located in a Safe Community:

The crime rate in a neighborhood is definitely a factor that can influence the cost of your homeowners insurance. This means if your new home is located in a community that has a high crime rate you could be paying much more for your coverage. This is because your home will likely have a higher chance of break-ins, which will give your insurance company the impression that you are a bigger liability for them. To avoid paying too much for your new home's insurance, definitely take the time to seek a community that has a low crime rate.

Is Fairly New:

A home that is old may also scare off insurance companies, as these homes do have a higher chance of dealing with plumbing, electrical, and structural damages. Because of these higher chances of home damages, insurance companies will likely charge a higher premium due to the fact that your home is a bigger liability for them. This premium increase may cost more than you think, so be sure to seek a newer model home, as not only will it save you money each month on your insurance, but it will prevent you from dealing with major and costly home damages.

By selecting a home that falls under these conditions, you can be able to shop for a home that won't cost too much to have insured. This will save you a great deal of money and allow you to keep all of your important coverages, which will help keep your investment safe.


28 April 2015

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