Tips To Hasten Your Homeowners Insurance Claim Processing

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Whether or not you have homeowners insurance, you don't want a disaster to befall your house. However, as an insured homeowner, your hope is that you will be compensated fast when your house experiences damage. Unfortunately, the claim process may not always occur as fast as you may wish. Here are a few tips you can use to speed up the process:

File a Claim As Soon As Possible

The first step in the process is the filing of the claim form; nothing will happen before you do this. You are likely to delay with the filing if you aren't sure that the damage is enough to trigger compensation. However, this shouldn't be your problem. File your claim and wait for your insurance carrier or adjuster to determine whether to pay it or not.

Give a Detailed Description of the Damage

Another tip is to furnish the adjuster with a detailed description of the damage you experienced. The insurer will not start processing your claim before you provide all the necessary information such as:

  • A written description of the loss or damage
  • Inventory of lost items
  • Receipts for lost or damaged items
  • Before and after pictures of the damaged area
  • Repair estimates

The more information you provide, the faster the adjuster will start working on your claim.

Be Available

Even with a detailed claim, there are still chances that the adjuster will want more information from you. How available you are will determine how fast he or she gets this information, and ultimately the speed of your settlement processing. For example, it might be that your house was damaged, and you are living elsewhere (such as a hotel) for the moment. You need to provide the adjuster with the applicable contact, such as an address or phone number, so that he or she can reach you.

Give Reasons for a Speedy Settlement

If you have mitigating factors that require your claim to be settled fast, then you need to tell the adjuster about it. It might not be the official insurer's position to hasten processes for your situation, but insurance companies are managed by people, not robots, and they may be sympathetic to your plight. Consider an example where you have asthma, and wall damage is making your house fill with dirt. A sympathetic adjuster may hasten your claim due to your health concerns.

Your insurance company has a predetermined period within which it has to pay your insurance claim. It may pay you sooner, but it is not your right. However, the tips above will help you to ensure that your claim is processed as soon as possible. Contact a local agent, such as Axis Insurance Agency, with any questions.


18 May 2015

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