3 Tips For Decreasing Car Insurance Premiums With Teenagers

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If you have kids that are starting to drive, this can be an exciting time. However, you may be less than thrilled because of the increase in your auto insurance. It's a fact that rates will continue to climb when a teenager is added to your plan. This is largely due to inexperienced driving and bringing more of a risk to the company. It's a great idea to know specific tips that can help ensure you pay the least amount of money possible for this critical type of coverage.

Tip #1: Don't buy a new car

The last thing you will want to do is purchase a new vehicle for your child to drive even though you may be asked to do so.This will demand you use comprehensive coverage because of having a lean on the car.

It's a much better alternative to let your teenager drive an older car that may only require liability. This can significantly lower your insurance costs and allow you to feel more comfortable with the coverage amount you need to pay. 

Be certain to compare insurance prices for any type of coverage you're considering so you can visually see the advantages of getting a used car.

Tip #2: Ensure safe driving

It's a great idea to ride around with your teenager for a certain amount of time to make sure this individual is driving well. One of the biggest problems that cause high insurance rates is if your child is involved in an accident.

This can immediately cause the costs of your coverage to go sky high and could even make you want to stop letting your teen driver at all.

You can also enroll your teen into a defensive driving course for great savings when it comes to insurance.

Tip #3: Ask for a distant driving discount

If your child is going to be away at college for any amount of time and not driving as much, this can allow you to potentially get a lower insurance rate. Be sure to notify your agent of this to enjoy the decreased cost of coverage you must have.

Doing all you can for the well-being of your teenager while being on the road is essential. You can also rely on the tips listed above to lower your overall annual insurance costs. Be sure to work closely with your insurance provider today to help you do so! To learn more, contact a company like Allstar Insurance


20 August 2017

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