Reducing Your Home Liability During The Winter Months

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Throughout the entire year, there is always some level of risk of home liability. However, this risk is increased during the wintertime thanks to the harsh weather conditions. Thankfully, it is possible to minimize the chances of someone getting hurt or your property getting damaged, which leads to the need to file an expensive home insurance claim. Here are a few things you need to do.

Prevent the Pipes from Freezing

As the temperatures start to drop, frozen pipes will begin to become a big problem. As water expands and freezes back, a significant amount of pressure is placed on the pipes, possibly causing them to burst. To keep this from occurring, locate the pipes in the home that are likely to freeze. These are the pipes that are located outside windows and walls, installed near or in unheated spaces, and aren't insulated. These pipes need to be insulated and a heating source should be maintained inside to ensure the pipes don't get too cold.

Trim the Trees

Falling branches—and even trees—tend to occur frequently throughout the wintertime. Fluctuations in temperatures, heavy snow, and high winds can cause trees to weaken, which results in them toppling over and branches to break. In the event this happens, they could cause a serious injury to someone, cause electrical lines to be knocked down, or cause serious damage to cars or homes. This can all be avoided by having low-hanging or dead branches removed from trees on your residential property, trim back overhanging branches, and extricate any dead trees.

Shovel and Deice the Walkways

A large number of insurance claims throughout the winter season are a result of slips and falls on slippery icy patches and snow. If an individual falls while on your property and gets seriously injured, they could potentially file a lawsuit against you in order to receive compensation for their medical expenses, lost employment wages, and even pain and suffering. You can help keep this from being a serious problem for you by ensuring that your property is free from snow and ice, particularly on the walkways. When a snowstorm comes through, take the time to shovel. In addition, use sand or salt to help melt the ice.

The aforementioned precautions can help protect you, but you also want to ensure that you have adequate home insurance in place. If you are unsure whether you have the right coverage, get in touch with a home insurance agent today.


30 December 2019

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