Shopping For A Commercial Auto Insurance Policy

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If you are starting a career as a commercial driver, it is necessary to make sure that you are fully protected while you are working. However, commercial auto insurance may not be a topic that new drivers fully understand, and this can potentially lead to them exposing themselves to a much greater amount of risk than they intended.

Myth: Commercial Auto Insurance Is Essentially The Same As Personal Coverage

Many individuals will assume that commercial auto insurance is essentially the same as the coverage that they will carry for their personal vehicle. However, the coverage needs of a commercial driver will be extremely different. In particular, commercial drivers will typically need to carry far more coverage to account for the damage that their larger vehicles would be able to cause. Furthermore, there is also a need to have coverage that will protect the items that are being moved by the driver.

Myth: There Is Nothing That Can Be Done To Lower The Costs Of Commercial Insurance Coverage

Your commercial automobile insurance may be one of the more expensive bills that you will have to regularly pay. Luckily, it is often possible for a person to lower the amount that they will have to pay in order to have access to quality coverage. For example, this could involve a driver using auto-pay for their monthly premium payments or even paying for the whole cost of the policy at once. In addition to these immediate steps, a driver that has a safe driving record and that has solid credit can significantly reduce the costs that they are paying for this coverage. However, this can take months to years to do.

Myth: Switching Your Policy Will Always Lead To Work Disruptions

A person may be hesitant about changing their commercial driving coverage due to the assumption that it will be extremely difficult for them to make this switch without encountering significant disruptions with their work due to there being a gap in their coverage. In reality, it is fairly easy for a person to time this change so that there will not be a gap in their coverage as the new policy can be scheduled to take effect the day that your current policy expires. This can allow you to easily change your insurance without the risk of needing to miss one or more days of work until the new policy takes effect. The ease of this change means that drivers should regularly get quotes for their coverage to make sure that they are getting a good price for this essential protection.

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17 June 2021

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