Time To Tweak Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

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Homeowners insurance is one of those necessary things in life that seems like a waste of money – until you need it. The unfortunate know how fortunate they were to have the homeowners insurance needed to cover the losses and damage that they've experienced. How do you get the most protection from your homeowners insurance? Here, you'll find a few tips to help you do just that.

Update the Policy Yearly

Every year, when you get the renewal notice for the policy, you should take the time to read through it and make sure that nothing has changed.

If you've completed renovations, purchased expensive or uncommon items or improved your credit score, it is time to talk with your homeowners insurance sales consultant. He or she will walk you through the process of updating the policy and providing the coverage you need to adapt to those changes.

Some people are unaware that their credit score can directly affect the cost of insurance. The truth is, in many cases, your credit score will make a difference. It may not be a great discount on your monthly premiums, but it could reduce or eliminate the need for a bulk payment at the start of the renewal.

Manage Policy Riders

Standard homeowners insurance policies usually don't cover particular items. A rider is an addition to the policy that covers the things that the standard policy doesn't – an expansion of protection. For example, if you collect coins, that collection will only be covered to a set amount unless you add a rider to the policy to cover them.

Firearms, jewelry, collectibles and other personal items of value should all be protected under a rider on your policy.

Riders are also available to help protect the actual structure of your home. Windstorm, sinkhole, earthquake, mudslide, mold and so many other things can happen at any given time. These situations require the added rider to ensure protection.

Discuss Discounts

Your insurance provider may offer discounts that you are unaware of. Some offer discounts when the policy is paid for the year in full, others offer discounts when you set up automatic payment and paperless billing. Some even provide discounts for good students.

Talk with your insurance provider about any possible ways to save money without sacrificing coverage. Making changes can be beneficial, but you must do it with the help of a knowledgeable representative. One small mistake could mean the difference in recouping the loss and having to accept that your items are gone.  


7 February 2022

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