Is Your Vehicle Insured Against Damage From Civil Unrest?

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Civil unrest—whether it's a protest that turns dangerous, sports fans celebrating too hard, or vandals just getting their kicks—can create a lot of problems for law-abiding citizens. 

If your vehicle is in an area that suffers from a civil disturbance, is it covered by your auto insurance? The answer may depend on a few important factors. Here's what you need to know.

1. Comprehensive Coverage Is Vital

The primary way that a vehicle is insured against things like vandalism or rioting is through comprehensive insurance policies. This is in contrast with collision insurance, which covers an accident while operating the vehicle, and liability insurance which covers your liability if you cause an accident.

Comprehensive coverage is often optional, so check your insurance policy to determine if you have this or should add it. 

2. Home and Renters Insurance Help

It probably sounds counterintuitive, but the belongings in your car or truck may not be covered by your auto insurance at all. 

Things like purses, luggage, aftermarket additions, mobile devices, and gadgets are actually classed as part of the personal property covered by your homeowners or renters insurance. So if things are stolen or destroyed, you may need to submit a claim to your home insurance carrier as well. 

3. You May Need Police Reports

Because the damage to your vehicle is caused by what may be criminal acts by others, you will likely need to contact the police for a report. Insurance carriers often request a police report to verify that the damage appears to have been caused as part of the civil unrest or looting. 

This is particularly important if the incident was local and may not be readily verified by the insurer.

4. Business and Personal Coverage Differs

How do you use your vehicle? If you were attending the game where a riot broke out and your car was damaged in the parking lot, it is likely entirely covered by residential auto and home insurance. 

However, if you were in town to meet with clients and conduct business, you may need a business insurance policy to cover the vehicle and equipment inside. 

Where Should You Start?

Do you have appropriate insurance coverage in the event of a riot, looting, violent protest, or other civil incident? Start by analyzing your coverage with an auto insurance agent in your state. With their help, you'll soon be able to breathe a sigh of relief no matter what is thrown at you. 


13 October 2022

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